*Happiness now digital : Limited Edition 102 Track WAV + Videos USB Stick & Lanyard + Deluxe 4 Art Print Set

To round off 2023, one of Soft Cell’s busiest years ever, we’re pleased to announce one further outing from the acclaimed *Happiness series.  The first release, *Happiness not included, entered the UK album chart at Number 7 back in May 2022, followed by companion albums *Happiness now extended and *Happiness now completed, both landing in summer 2023.

The *Happiness series concludes on 19th January 2024 with the release of *Happiness now digital, via BMG.  Featuring a staggering 102 tracks, the release is presented on an exclusive new style black and gold Soft Cell 16 GB USB stick with matching black lanyard with gold logo print, all presented in highest sound quality WAV format.  All the tracks are additionally provided in high quality 192 kpbs MP3 format, for easy play in cars and other devices that do not easily support large WAV files.

*Happiness now digital brings together the whole *Happiness campaign for the first and last time, on one single bundle, including the *Happiness now extended, *Happiness now completed and *Happiness not included albums. The package additionally features remixes, bonus tracks, B sides, alternative versions, live recordings, demos, instrumentals – many previously unreleased, from formats that have sold out and are now deleted, or unavailable before digitally.

The USB stick also includes digital versions of the new cover artwork, single sleeves plus other selected curios from throughout the campaign, press shots, press releases and other previously unseen treasures.  Total playing time is 8 hours 30 minutes!

Released due to many requests from completists as well as those who do not have physical format facilities, and/or prefer to enjoy higher quality audio on the WAV format, *Happiness now digital is a veritable treasure trove of Soft Cell’s most recent and very prolific era, with over 10GB total content!  If you loved *Happiness not included, and want to enjoy the whole event together in one handy package, this one is really for you!

This release is limited to 250 copies, and includes a set of 4 custom 180x180mm inch gloss laminated artwork prints, featuring brand new artwork by James McWilliam.

Exclusive to the Soft Cell store.

Tracklisting is as follows:

*Happiness now digital (in both WAV and MP3)

1 Happy Happy Happy (Album Version)
2 Polaroid (Album Version)
3 Bruises On All My Illusions (Album Version)
4 Purple Zone (Album Version)
5 Heart Like Chernobyl (Album Version)
6 Light Sleepers (Album Version)
7 Happiness Not Included (Album Version)
8 Nostalgia Machine (Album Version)
9 Nighthawks (Album Version)
10 I’m Not A Friend Of God (Album Version)
11 Tranquiliser (Album Version)
12 New Eden (Album Version)
13 First Hand Experience Of Second Hand Love (Full Version)
14 Jukebox Head
15 Quiet Rebellion
16 Strange Kinda Dance (Edit)
17 The Day The World Turned Day-Glo (Full Version)
18 Vapourise
19 You Kill Me
20 Last Chance (2022 Version)
21 Murder Your Darlings
22 Night And The City (2023 Version)
23 Gemini Lounge
24 Defiant
25 Back To Nature (Marc’s Mix)
26 Happiness Not Included (Sax Version)
27 Purple Zone (Original Soft Cell Version)
28 Nostalgia Machine (2023 Radio Edit)
29 Bruises On All My Illusions (Radio Edit)
30 First Hand Experience Of Second Hand Love (Radio Edit)
31 Nighthawks (Chris & Cosey Remix)
32 Happy Happy (Extended 2023 Mix)
33 Polaroid (Extended 2023 Mix)
34 Bruises On My Illusions (Extended 2023 Mix)
35 Purple Zone (Pet Shop Boys Extended 2022 Mix)
36 Heart Like Chernobyl (Extended 2021 Mix)
37 Light Sleepers (Extended 2022 Mix)
38 Happiness Not Included (Extended 2022 Mix)
39 Nostalgia Machine (Manhattan Clique Remix)
40 Nighthawks (Extended 2023 Mix)
41 I’m Not A Friend Of God (Extended 2023 Mix)
42 Tranquiliser (Extended 2023 Mix)
43 New Eden (Extended 2023 Mix)
44 Happy Happy (Instrumental Version)
45 Polaroid (Instrumental Version)
46 Bruises On All My Illusions (Instrumental Version)
47 Purple Zone (Instrumental Version)
48 Heart Like Chernobyl (Instrumental Version)
49 Light Sleepers (Instrumental Version)
50 Happiness Not Included (Instrumental Version)
51 Nostalgia Machine (Instrumental Version)
52 Nighthawks (Instrumental Version)
53 I’m Not A Friend Of God (Instrumental Version)
54 Tranquiliser (Instrumental Version)
55 New Eden (Instrumental Version)
56 The Day The World Turned Day Glo (Instrumental Version)
57 Defiant (Instrumental Version)
58 First Hand Experience Of Second Hand Love (Instrumental Version)
59 Gemini Lounge (Instrumental Version)
60 Jukebox (Instrumental Version)
61 Last Chance (Brass Mix Instrumental Version)
62 Murder Your Darlings (Instrumental Version)
63 Quiet Rebellion (Instrumental Version)
64 Strange Kinda Dance Edit (Instrumental Version)
65 Vapourise (Instrumental Version)
66 Purple Zone (Original Soft Cell Instrumental Version)
67 Night And The City (Instrumental Version)
68 Bruises On All My Illusions (Manhattan Clique Remix]
69 Bruises On My Illusions (MHC Dub)
70 Bruises On All My Illusions (The Grid Remix)
71 Bruises On All My Illusions (The Grid Remix Dub)
72 Bruises On All My Illusions (Live in London, 2021)
73 Happy Happy Happy (Live in London, 2021)
74 Heart Like Chernobyl (Live in London, 2021)
75 Nostalgia Machine (Live in London, 2021)
76 Purple Zone (Live in London, 2021)
77 Purple Zone (Pet Shop Boys Club Mix)
78 Purple Zone (Pet Shop Boys Extended Mix)
79 Purple Zone (Pet Shop Boys Club Dub)
80 Purple Zone (Manhattan Clique Remix)
81 Purple Zone (Manhattan Clique Dub)
82 Purple Zone (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
83 Purple Zone (Hercules & Love Affair Dub)
84 Purple Zone (Original Dave Ball Extended Mix)
85 Purple Zone (Original Soft Cell Radio Edit)
86 Nostalgia Machine (Hifi Sean Extended Remix)
87 Nostalgia Machine (Hifi Sean Dub)
88 Nostalgia Machine (Hifi Sean Remix Edit)
89 Nostalgia Machine (Wally Funk Remix)
90 Nostalgia Machine (Manhattan Clique Dub Remix)
91 Nostalgia Machine (Wally Funk Remix Dub)
92 Last Chance 2022 (Extended Christmas Mix)
93 Last Chance (Christmas Mix)
94 Last Chance (Christmas Radio Edit)
95 Light Sleepers (Grid Twilight Mix)
96 Light Sleepers (The Grid ‘Another Grid World’ Mix)
97 Vapourise (Dave Ball Extended Version)
98 Strange Kinda Dance (Full Version)
99 Nighthawks (Dave Ball Original Version)
100 Night And The City (And You) (Original 2018 Version)
101 The Day The World Turned Day-Glo (Edit)
102 The Day The World Turned Day Glo (Dave’s Demo)

*Happiness now visual

  1. Purple Zone (With Pet Shop Boys) (Promo Video)
  2. Light Sleepers (Promo Vide0)
  3. *Happiness now included EPK, 2022
  4. Heart Like Chernobyl (Lyric Video)
  5. Bruises On All My Illusions (Lyric Video)
  6. Purple Zone (with Pet Shop Boys) (Lyric Video)
  7. Nostalgia Machine (Lyric Video)
  8. Last Chance (Lyric Video)
  9. Light Sleepers (Lyric Video)
    Artwork & Photos

*Happiness now extra

Featuring the cover art from all the singles, focus tracks and other released throughout the campaign, press releases/biographies, interview transcripts and official promo photos.  Over 30 additional items in total.


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